Hay Bale Homes – Are They a Viable Home Building Option?

Green building mania has people thinking of many options. Earth friendly products and construction methods make a lot of sense but, can you go too far? Bunker homes, and coke bottle homes, and … well, hay bale homes have made the news. Should they make it into your home building plans?

Question: What is a hay bale home and do they work?


Have you ever considered a hay  รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี bale home? Have you scoffed at the idea in the past? Most have. But, the benefits make some people look seriously into the possibility.

The truth is, hale bale homes are not that popular. They still represent a tiny fraction of the custom home building market. No one really knows if they will achieve a more wide spread acceptance.

Just What is a Hay Bale Home?

Well, just like it suggests, it’s a home made from hay. At least partly. The hay can act as both insulation and structural strength. The exterior walls are built from big giant blocks (of hay!) stacked one above the other, and the thickness (and other qualities) provides insulation from cold and heat.

Usually, a stick framework is constructed along with the hay bales. This provides a more definable value so that the structure can be properly inspected and judged for its strength. But, this is not always the case.

Do they work? Well, in terms of insulation, yes, they can definitely work. And they can be made structurally sound, complying with building codes.

The biggest benefits include:

  • Availability and cost
  • Insulation factors
  • Owner Builder participation

Before you plow ahead with this idea, check with your local building authorities to learn what their requirements might be for inspecting and approving such a home.

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