An Overview – Talalay Latex Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattress

Every single people have their own differences. Some vary in attitudes, personalities, looks, virtues and even sleeping needs and sleeping patterns. That is why you should get the quality of sleep that your bodies need in order to wake up into a refreshed and recharged morning. And what better ways to achieve that quality sleep than by having a very good and suitable mattress for you.

Regarding mattresses, the Talalay mattress and Memory foam mattress are somewhat becoming rivals in their own way. People often debate on the issue on what mattress is better. The reason behind this is that some people just do not know yet all of the aspects and properties of these mattresses. Maybe now is the time that you would be enlightened regarding these mattresses.


Let’s start off with their similarities. Both mattresses have similar support systems and both mattresses also have foam-like materials. But when weight is already applied to both mattresses, they respond differently. The Talalay latex mattress sinks into a shape of your body that applies weight on it unlike the memory foam mattress.

The Talalay mattress is also more natural in terms of source and quality compared to memory foam mattresses. This is because that Talalay latex mattress are made by collecting saps from rubber trees and then processed to become its latex component. This makes the Talalay mattress earth-friendly. It has a longer lifespan compared to memory foam mattress, it is also biodegradable. In addition to this, Talalay latex mattresses are resistant to molds, bacteria and mildew making it very hypoallergenic.


There is a very huge difference of when we compare it with the Memory foam mattress. The fact that memory foam mattresses are made from petroleum based materials already shows that big difference. Due to this, memory foam mattresses have a higher toxicity level compared to Talalay latex mattresses and it really gives that unpleasant smells upon unwrapping the mattress.

With those things taken into consideration, it would really be a huge difference in terms of comfort of sleeping on the mattresses. But after some time, that unpleasant odor from new memory foam mattresses would just disappear. Best Crib Mattress

Another difference between the two mattresses is the feeling it gives you when you lie down on it. Lying down on a Talalay latex mattress is like lying down on very high quality sponge foam. The Talalay mattress “sinks down” and follows the contour of the body that applies weight on the mattress. While the memory foam mattress give you a “push up” feeling especially on the spaces or gaps between your body parts (between your legs, between you fingers) that apply pressure on the mattress. This is due to the difference in density of both mattresses. The type of density that a memory foam mattress has allows it to have a more granular response to weight and compression on it. But there is no question towards both mattresses when it comes to being “breathable”.

Both mattresses deliver exceptional comfort in giving people in terms of being breathable. When the weather is hot, the mattresses give you a cooling feeling when you lay down on in. And during the chilly days, memory foam and Talalay mattresses would keep you warm and comfortable.

Each person is unique and has different needs, so it is really up to the preference of a consumer on what type of mattress he or she wants according to the specs that the consumer wants. So just choose the type of mattress that could fit your budget, and would fit to the type of personality and sleeping comfort that you want.


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